2013 Alumni Videos

Adapt to What Comes Your Way

Doug Haddix (Miami, 1985) double majored in Journalism and Political Science. He works as an assistant vice president at Ohio State University, leading an editorial communication team to produce university-wide publications. He also directs OSU's Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism, which focuses on digital storytelling and social media. Mr. Haddix visited Miami to talk about how he discovered his passion for journalism and communications as a student writer and then editor for The Miami Student.
[November 2013]

Adapt to What Comes Your Way Video Transcript

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

Stetson Siler graduated from Miami in 1975 and 1976 with a bachelors and master's degree, respectively, in mathematics. He utilized his skills in the field of operations research for the U.S. Air Force for three decades and finally retired in 2006. He returned to Miami to meet with statistics majors and provide insight into their career expectations. [November 2013]

Read more about Mr. Siler in this July 2014 Miami press release Siler estate gift strengthens Miami Air Force ROTC Detachment.

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open Video Transcript

Access Every Resource

Tamika Richeson (Miami, 2007) majored in Black World Studies with a minor in History. She visited campus in the fall of 2013 to talk about how getting a D in one of her first writing-based courses ultimately led her to becoming a PhD candidate in history at the University of Virginia and a recent recipient of the Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies. She also talks about her research on the experiences of African American women in early American history and makes the case that a liberal arts education (or any education, for that matter) should be focused at least as much on the gaining of knowledge as the actual letter grade that is awarded. [November 2013]

Access Every Resource Video Transcript

Developing Critical Thinking Skill

Rebecca Fradkin (Miami, 2012) has a background in comparative religion, diplomacy and global politics, political science, and Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies. Rebecca is currently a doctoral student at the University of Oxford, where she is studying comparative politics and conducting research on religion and politics in the context of nation-building in Kazakhstan. [October 2013]

Developing Critical Thinking Skill Video Transcript

Critical Analytical Thinking

Dr. Kevin Klucher (BS Chemistry, Miami, 1985) is the Director of Biology at a biotechnology company called Oncothyreon, where he works on the development of cancer vaccines. Here he discusses how his love of molecular biology and scientific research began as an undergraduate student at Miami. [November 2013]

Critical Analytical Thinking Video Transcript

Liberal Arts: Teaching People to Think

Margaret Peterson Haddix (BA English/Creative Writing, English/Journalism, and History, Miami, 1986) is currently a well-known children's author of The Shadow Children series, The Missing series, and other books. In this video, Margaret provides advice to students and explains how a liberal arts education teaches people to think and how to learn new things. [November 2013]

Liberal Arts: Teaching People to Think Video Transcript

Keep an Eye on the Horizon

Becky Norton Dunlop (BA Political Science, Miami, 1973) is currently vice president for external relations for the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, a policy research and education institute that focuses on conservative principles. In this video, Becky talks about her career and the value of a liberal arts education. [September 2013]

Keep an Eye on the Horizon Video Transcript

Unparalleled Opportunities

Mike Moloney (BA History and Political Science, Miami, 1992) is currently the Americas Knowledge Leader for one of Ernst & Young's global business units, EY Knowledge. He is a former chair of the College of Arts & Science Alumni Advisory Board. In this video, Mike provides advice to students and explains how a liberal arts education prepares one for a career in just about anything. [September 2013]

Unparalleled Opportunities Video Transcript

Learn How to Express Yourself

Matthew Hoffman (MA Geography, Miami, 1993) is an equity research analyst covering stocks for Japan-based Mizuho Securities, one of the largest banks in the world. Here he talks about how his profession is linked to geography and attests to the versatility of a liberal arts education. [September 2013]

Learn How to Express Yourself Video Transcript

Choose a Major You Enjoy

Dr. Elaine Borland Hoffman (Mathematics and Statistics major, Miami, 1992) is Director of Statistics in the TIMI (Thrombolysis In Myocardial Infarction) Study Group at Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston, MA). Here Elaine discusses how Miami prepared her for graduate school and the importance of networking. [September 2013]

Choose a Major You Enjoy Video Transcript

Be Involved; Get Involved

Antonia 'Toni' Ellis (Mass Communication major, Miami, 1985), television and film producer, provides advice to current students and talks about her production experiences on shows such as 'Sex and the City'. [April 2013]

Be Involved; Get Involved Video Transcript

Explore What Is Here

John Rohyans (Miami, 1966), a real estate lawyer, and Dr. JoAnn Rohyans (Miami, 1968), a pediatrician, reflect on their time at Miami and how they met, as well as providing advice to current students. [April 2013]

Explore What Is Here Video Transcript

Miami Helped Me To Think Critically

Laurie Moline (Mass Communication major, Miami, 1985), Strategic Specialist, Aultman Center for Advanced Medicine at Aultman Hospital, talks about her time at Miami and provides advice to current students. [April 2013]

Miami Helped Me To Think Critically Video Transcript

Seize the Opportunities

Dr. Jill Montaquila (MS Statistics, Miami, 1991), Associate Director of Westat's Statistical Staff, describes how here Miami experience prepared her for her career. [April 2013]

Seize the Opportunities Video Transcript

Network, Network, Network!

Tina McCormack Beaty (Communication major, Miami 2005), an Account Supervisor at Porter Novelli, talks about how Miami provided the foundation for her career and provides advice to currrent Miami students. [April 2013]

Network, Network, Network! Video Transcript

Dig In and Realize the Opportunities

Jenny Rooney (English/Creative Writing and Literature major, Miami, 1992) is now Editor, CMO Network at Forbes. In this video Ms. Rooney talks about the rewards of being in journalism and how the field has changed. [February 2013]

Dig In and Realize the Opportunities Video Transcript

Experience as Much as Possible

Kevin George (Speech Communication major, Miami, 1988) is now SVP, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Beam, Inc. In this video Mr. George talks about how his liberal arts education provided him with the lateral thinking skills that lead to his success in business. [February 2013]

Experience as Much as Possible Video Transcript

You Can Do Amazing Things

Dr. Darrell West (BA Political Science, Miami, 1976) is now Vice President and Director of Governance Studies and Director of the Center for Technology and Innovation at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. In this video Dr. West talks about how he chose Miami and how education here formed the foundation for his career. [February 2013]

You Can Do Amazing Things Video Transcript

Work Your Hardest in Whatever You Do

Bryan Bell (MS Statistics, Miami, 2004) is now Managing Director, Target Enrollment Group, LLC, in Indianapolis, IN. In this video Bryan talks about how he came to Miami and how his degree provided him with the foundation and work ethic needed to launch a successful business. [February 2013]

Work Your Hardest in Whatever You Do Video Transcript