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The Humanities Center

Long viewed as a “public ivy,” Miami University places exceptional emphasis on engaged undergraduate learning, liberal arts training, and the integration of teaching and research among faculty and students. In concert with this mission, the Humanities Center seeks to be a leader in rethinking the place of the humanities in the twenty-first century university. Our emphasis on public humanities and cross-disciplinary research is inseparable from our aspiration to be an engine of curricular innovation and humanities programming at the undergraduate level.

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Your Journey Starts Here

Experience a transformative journey from a curious novice to a seasoned humanities scholar during your undergraduate education. Through personalized guidance, diverse opportunities, and the mentorship of leading faculty, the center nurtures and hones your scholarly abilities, shaping you into an adept thinker and researcher in the vibrant realm of the humanities.

Geoffrion Family Student Fellowships

The Geoffrion Family Student Fellowships are available to outstanding Miami students who seek an opportunity to explore collaborative, interdisciplinary scholarship in the humanities.

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The Path to Research in the Humanities

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Put Your Research Into Practice

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The Research Methods Workshop

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The Winter Research Institute

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Nurturing Futures, Forging Bonds

Sam Fouts, Geoffrian Family Fellow

"Through the research apprenticeship program, I had the chance to work with Dr. Katie Johnson on archival research. I learned to navigate different newspaper databases, and I walked away with invaluable research skills which would be useful in my other work in the humanities. Especially as a Geoffrion Undergraduate Fellow, having knowledge of databases and archival research has been immensely helpful in versing myself in instances of environmental injustice inOhio and beyond -- and it also allows me greater independence. As a Geoffrian fellow, I've been conducting an independent research project on the intersection of environmentalism and Medievalism, and I think this project will be an excellent stepping stone for more independent research going forward -- and perhaps a step toward graduate school."

Katie Johnson, Professor of English

"One of my passions is mentoring students on research projects. Working with English major Sam Fouts as a Humanities Center Research Apprentice, I soon realized that he was not just helping me with my research, but rather joining the project with a growing passion for the topic. Sam helped me answer burning questions, like whether a 1927 Irish production of The Emperor Jones used blackface. He searched online archives and dozens of Irish newspapers, until finally discovering an illustration and caption that confirmed blackface performance. This is just one of many archival findings that fundamentally contributed to my research project. One thing that worked well for our work together was structure: explaining how to use archival resources, regular (weekly or bi-monthly) meetings with reporting back, and using Google Folders to organize the archival findings."

Black Ecofeminism and Abolitionist Ecology

Jennifer James

Associate Professor of English, George Washington University

April 18, 2024 5:00 PM
Shriver Center Heritage Room

"Everything is Going to Have to Be Put Back": Responsibility and Repair in the Anthropocene

Michelle Neely

Associate Professor of English, Connecticut University

April 19, 2024 1:00 PM
Shriver Center Heritage Room

Future Miamians

The Center offers enriching programs designed for high schoolers, inviting student to explore vibrant educational opportunities that spark curiosity and inspire academic growth.

Humanities BRIDGES Program

Each year the Humanities Center offers special classes for visiting high school students from Ohio and around the nation as part of Miami University's Bridges Program.

Student Citizens

With major support from the Teagle Foundation, the Humanities Center and the College of Arts and Science host a select group of high school students on campus in June. In critical thinking and writing seminars with Miami faculty, participants explore classic texts, form relationships with undergraduate student mentors, and experience the power of the traditional liberal arts to address urgent societal issues.

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