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Senior Projects


Connor Moreton

An Oasis for Cincinnati's Young and Hungry

Jannie Kamara

Black Women and Activism: From College Students to Creating Collective Social Movements

Erin Belcher

The Legacy of Environmental Discrimination in Ohio

Gillian Arnold

Making Wine More Approachable

Jose Reyes

How Business Leaders Create Revolutionary Change and How These Skills Can be Transferred

Austin Hampton

Trajectory of the Fashion Industry: Where We Were, Are, and Are Going in the Midst of a Pandemic

Linden Bezesky

Interactive Storytelling: Constructing Fiction with Immersive Potential

Fede Quiros

Color in Film

Halie White

Creative Ontology of Self in Critique of Cross-Culture Applications

Claire Hellmann

The Essential Nature of Twin Research

Caroline Benzing

Accommodating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Schools


Audrey Baker

An Ethical Framework for Documentary Filmmaking

Eliana Balit

Cultural Exchange and Ecology in the Pre-Columbian Great Lakes Regional

Steven Beltsos

The Renovation of a Historic Restaurant

Jake Berger

Mountain Minutes; a podcast on life close to nature

Zoe Blake

Economics of Spirituality

Jade Cessna

Sustainability Ethics in the Corporate World; A Grassroots Approach to Environmental and Social Change

Cassondra Conrad

Urban Identifies of Sustainability & Oxford's Next Steps

Cayden Enix

Social Inequity in Disaster Resilience: Combating unequal distribution of resources in New Orleans, Louisiana

Julia Federman

No Whisk, No Reward

Laura Hampton

Out with the old, in with the new: a review of traditional horse training practices as compared to modern equine science

Alexia Harding

The monitoring of ethology through environments and enrichments: Analyzing the human perception of captive animals

Cam Iuni

Effective Sales Strategies: A Training Guide

Naiyi Jiang (Themis)

Secondhand culture in Chengdu China

Justin Kahle

Supply and demand in the construction industry during COVID

Alex Kalix

Environmental sustainability, business, and technology

Jenna Knight

Understanding Our Experiences With and Through Art

Jenna Landgraf

The Effects of Human Development and Climate Change on Economic Activities and Ecological Conservation in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Giavanna Mariani

Testing Color Preference in Domestic Cats and How It Can Be Applied in Zoos

Alexis Martin

The Importance of Ecopedagogy Programs and Citizens Science

Madi McGirr

@b0r+i0n: autonomy & regression

Carolyn Moore

Fiction, Fantasy, and Fact: How Narrative, Politics, and Ethics Influence our Search for the Future of Space Law and Human Wants for Colonization

Brenna O'Malley

Family Poverty and Homelessness

Olivia Phipps

Environmental Education Pedagogy and Girls with ADHD

Parker Readerman

Business & Design: The ESG Solution

Natalie Rozak

Reassessing the Process of Identity Development in Female Identifying LGBTQ+ Individuals: The Influence of Contemporary Media and Increased Representation

Brianna Salman

Sustainable Agriculture in Butler County

Zackary Shaffer

Organizational Impact of COVID-19 and the Road to Recovery

Individualized Studies (Western Program)

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