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Sociology and Gerontology Public Health Psychology

Jada Kramer '27

Jada Kramer '27
Sociology and Gerontology Public Health Psychology

Jada Kramer '27

  • Hometown: Fort Mitchell, KY
  • Class: 2027
  • Majors: Psychology, Public Health
  • Minor: Gerontology
  • Other Activities:
    • Miami Hope
Begin Quote
I could see myself being a student here at Miami.
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Jada Kramer, Why Miami?

Why Miami?

When I was touring universities, there were a lot that I just couldn't envision myself at. But I could see myself being a student here at Miami. I loved the campus, and thought they had a lot of opportunities to offer both for my majors and in general. Thankfully, Miami gave me enough scholarships so that the cost was similar to my state schools. As I'm nearing the end of my 1st semester, I know that I definitely made the right choice!

How did you choose your major?

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to double major in Psychology and Public Health because I want to go into mental health policy. Whether they realize it or not, almost everyone knows someone struggling with mental health, so reducing the stigma surrounding mental health is very important to me so that more people can get the help they need. However, I definitely discovered the Gerontology minor along the way. This semester I took GTY154 ("Aging in America"), and it made me realize that older adults need just as much, if not more, mental health support than younger people do. So I picked up the "Health & Aging Practice, Policy, and Administration" track of the Gerontology minor.

Key Moment at Miami

Dr. Matthew Arbuckle has definitely transformed my experience here at Miami. I took his POL261 ("Public Administration") class this semester, and he is the one who nominated me for the CAS Ambassador position. He truly cares about the well-being and success of all of his students, which has made Miami feel more like home for me as a 1st semester freshman. I am actually being a UA for his Public Policy Analysis class next semester which I'm really excited about!

Other Notable Experience

Miami Hope is a mental health awareness student org on campus. We meet every Wednesday, and their welcoming atmosphere has given me a sense of belonging on campus. One of the things I find so important about Miami Hope is their Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) suicide prevention training. Miami Hope has given me the skillset to help spread mental health awareness throughout campus.

Advice for Perspective Students

I would tell a future student that you are going to get out of your Miami experience what you put into it. While Miami and Oxford are great in and of themselves, you will make the most out of your 4 years here, or at any university for that matter, if you ask questions, seek out opportunities, and put yourself out there.

What are your career goals?  

After I graduate from Miami, I want to go into mental health policy with an IGO, hopefully the WHO at some point.