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CEC is raising money for SEEC
As you all know, the College of Engineering and Computing is participating in the campus wide fundraiser Move-In-Miami.
New mentoring program is starting this Fall for CEC female students
Pilot program is open for CEC women entering their 2nd or 3rd year at Miami, pairing them with a professional alumna to foster a professional mentoring relationship
Students can spend their summer term learning and taking classes
Though most students are not on campus during the summer months, classes are still held!
Students learn ethics while studying abroad in Italy
Besides having jobs and internships, our CEC students have the option to study abroad over their summer term. Ten students decided to follow this path and travel to Italy for this break.
Student spends summer interning at Pilot44
What are our students doing during summer break? Some get internships and jobs, others continue classes and study abroad. We love to see what each student decides to do when not at Miami!
Miami hosted a cybersecurity summit to gain knowledge from industry professionals
Representatives from P&G, IBM, Eli Lilly, and much more met to discuss ways to interest young people in the cybersecurity workforce.
Miami researchers look into factors affecting truck driver alertness
Miami professors and students have created a study that looks into the factors affecting truck driver alertness.
Dr. Troy and graduate students work on a software to preserve languages
Ever since 2015 Dr. Doug Troy and his graduate students have been working on a system that would help store digital copies of linguistic material.
Student is awarded Donald N. Nelson Consortium Scholarship
Not only do our students learn within our classroom, but around the world. Miami prides itself on its study abroad programs that it offers our students.