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Steven Fleischauer is researching biofuels for African countries
Senior Miami Student is conducting research on the burning properties of biomass briquettes, a block of combined combustible material used as fuel.
Chemical engineering students test for arsenic levels in water
Undergraduate research is being conducted over the levels of arsenic found in water by two Miami students
Students research clay bricks for cook stove applications
Two Miami engineering students study different properties of clay bricks to see what would create the most combustion.
Doug Troy is honored by Miami Tribe
He creates tools to help them learn and research culture and language
Students use 3D printing to create drug releasing technology
Students develop scaffolds that target drug release in the body
Two Miami teams place in DOE's Race to Zero Competition
They combine sustainability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness into homes
ASG Outstanding Professor promotes power electronics with practical passion
Mark Scott pushes his students to build and understand the impact of their design choices
Craig Hanson's materials research might affect how we study DNA
DNA microarrays are used to study disease and evolution
CEC Faculty win university awards
They were recognized for service, scholarship, and career development