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Graduate Student Teaching Enhancement Program (GSTEP)

As a graduate student, the idea of teaching a class is now a reality. Sure, you know your disciplinary content, but are you confident that you can support others to learn it? Gain skills and confidence as a teacher through the Graduate Student Teaching Enhancement Program (GSTEP).

GSTEP Participation

It’s easy. Start attending events that support your development as a college teacher to work toward GSTEP requirements. These events develop the necessary skills to facilitate student learning, engage with other graduate students and faculty, and earn $300 in professional development funds.

If in addition, you wish to regularly work alongside fellow graduate students, share innovative teaching strategies, and develop your own teaching philosophy, you can register for GSC 601 (see below). Not only does GSC 601 fulfil the requirements GSTEP, it is also the first required course for the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching.

GSTEP Requirements

  • Attend 8 events during the academic year that support your development as a teacher. These include GSC 601 class meetings (if you’re enrolled in this course); seminars and workshops provided by the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), Howe Center for Writing Excellence (HWCE), or Miami Online; sessions at the Original Lilly Conference on College Teaching; and other teaching development events offered by Miami or professional organizations.
  • After attending each event, complete the GSTEP Event Form
  • Submit all 8 GSTEP Event Forms by May 15. You are welcome to complete GSTEP in fall only, spring only, or across both semesters.

GSTEP Event Tracking

After you attend an event that you wish to be considered for GSTEP credit toward your requirement of 8 events, complete the GSTEP Event Form. This form includes the event date, location, responsible office/organization, title, and description. You will also write a 250-word (max) reflection that describes your learning outcomes and explains its relevance to your development. Each event requires a separate submission of the GSTEP Event Form. After your first tracker submission, you are enrolled in GSTEP, and the Center for Teaching Excellence will subscribe you to CTE News to keep you informed about the latest programs, resources, and services to support your development as a college teacher. After your eighth submission is submitted and reviewed, you will receive all of your GSTEP benefits.

GSTEP Benefits

In addition to your learning outcomes and development on college teaching, GSTEP completion earns you

  • A completion certificate (pdf) for your professional portfolio; please email if you are interested in having one emailed to you.
  • Availability of $300 in professional development funds to be spent on items from the GSTEP menu by June 1.

Professional Development Funds Menu

GSC 601 Information


  • Promote the effectiveness of graduate students as teachers at Miami University, thus enhancing their overall productivity and satisfaction.
  • Provide foundational skills for graduate students who may seek an academic career.
  • Create interdisciplinary connections and community among graduate students at Miami.
  • Support the undergraduate teaching mission of Miami by enhancing the effectiveness of the instruction they receive from graduate students.

Enrollment: Open to all Miami graduate students

Spring 2024 Facilitator: Dr. Peter Wessels

Meeting Dates and Times:

GSC 601 Choice 1 (Online synchronous meeting options; Fridays 11:40 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.)

Meeting 1: Friday, February 2

Meeting 2: Friday, February 16

Meeting 3: Friday, March 1

Meeting 4: Friday, March 15

Meeting 5: Friday, April 12

Meeting 6: Friday, May 3 (does not count toward GSTEP requirements)

GSC 601 Choice 2 (Online synchronous meeting options; Mondays 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.)

Meeting 1: Monday, February 5

Meeting 2: Monday, February 19

Meeting 3: Monday, March 4

Meeting 4: Monday, March 18

Meeting 5: Monday, April 15

Meeting 6: Monday, May 6 (does not count toward GSTEP requirements)

The intention is to stick with the dates listed above, but in the event of an emergency cancellation, we may need to reschedule to a different Friday (11:40 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.) or Monday (6:00 - 7:00 p.m.). Please do your best to protect as many Fridays or Mondays during these times as possible during the semester.

Questions about GSTEP? Please contact the Center for Teaching Excellence at

Can I complete GSTEP more than once?

Yes, you may complete GSTEP up to two times as a graduate student at Miami University. Each time you complete the program, you will gain access to $300 in professional development funds. You can even complete GSTEP two times in the same academic year, if you choose to do so. The aim is to provide flexibility in supporting your teaching development as you work toward your graduate degree.

We encourage GSC 601 enrollment. Please note that you can take GSC 601 up to two times; however, attending GSC 601 class meetings during your second time in the course will not meet GSTEP requirements. Other seminars and workshops attended while enrolled in GSC 601 (the first and second time) meet GSTEP requirements.

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