COVID-19 Vaccine

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Miami Vaccine Requirement

Every Miami University student, faculty, and staff member is required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 unless exempted.

Got Vaccinated? Tell us!

Report your vaccination status. Doing so will allow your vaccination record to be shared with the Miami COVID-19 testing and response teams in order to meet the vaccine requirement.

COVID-19 Vaccinations Available

Vials of the Moderna vaccineHealth Services at Harris Hall

COVID-19 vaccinations are available through Tri-Health at Miami University’s Health Services on the Oxford campus (Harris Hall, 500 Harris Drive). The type of vaccine may vary.

To schedule:

  • Call 513-529-3000 to schedule your appointment
  • Walk-ins are welcome, but you may experience wait times
  • Semester hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Who may schedule:

  • All students
  • All employees/spouses/dependents 12 years or older (minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian)
  • Any insurance plan
  • Employees may schedule their vaccines during university paid time but must receive approval from their supervisor.


How do I submit proof of vaccination?

If you have already submitted proof of vaccination (e.g. a vaccination card), you do not have to submit it again. However, please update your records to reflect current status, such as a second dose or a booster shot. Although COVID booster shots are not required, it is helpful to have this information on file.

What are the reasons for exemptions?

Exemptions may be granted for the following reasons:

  • Medical, with documentation; or
  • Sincerely held religious beliefs, practices or observances, or reasons of conscience, including philosophical and ethical beliefs.

To request a non-medical exemption for religious beliefs or for reasons of conscience, students and employees must complete a form affirming a sincerely held belief, acknowledging the risks of COVID-19, and agreeing to comply with campus health, educational, and safety requirements.

Your exemption request must include an articulated ethical, philosophical, or religious basis for refusing the vaccine that demonstrates you are making an informed decision.

What is the Exemption Process?


If you are requesting an exemption for one or more vaccines, you will receive a link to the exemption form after you submit the Proof of Immunization form electronically. There is space on that form to indicate your intent to request an exemption.

Exemption reviews typically take 7-10 days.


Employees may request an exemption through a separate process using one of the following forms:

What health conditions qualify for a medical exemption?

Your health care provider should help you determine whether you have a health condition preventing you from getting vaccinated. They can provide documentation to support your request.

What if I already have a medical or religious exemption for other vaccines?

You do not need to submit an exemption for the COVID-19 vaccination if you already have a medical or religious exemption on file for other vaccinations.

If I get an exemption from Miami, does that apply to my internship, clinical, or practicum?

No. Students engaged in internships, student teaching, nursing practicums, and other similar engagements will need to work directly with those organizations to comply with their specific requirements. An exemption from Miami will not fulfill any requirement that an external organization has in place.

Why are you allowing individuals to be exempted from the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for religious beliefs and reasons of conscience?

In following Miami University policy, Miami already requires students to meet immunization requirements for a number of vaccines. Exemptions from these requirements have always been considered for certain medical conditions and documented religious convictions. This has been expanded to include ethical and philosophical reasons. The process for requesting an exemption requires an individual to complete documentation affirming a sincerely held belief and acknowledging the risk of serious illness.

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