Cheating Undefined: Understanding How Students Define and Make Decisions About Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty and integrity is a complex issue that both students and faculty find confusing. Increasingly, the student view on academic dishonesty is diverging from the faculty and institutional view on the subject, causing frustration for all involved. In this introductory session, participants will learn about current research on academic dishonesty and the culture of academic dishonesty at Miami University. We will discuss the methods by which messages about academic dishonesty and integrity are delivered to students and strategies to help enhance students' understanding and decision making about academic dishonesty.

Presented by Brenda R. Quaye, Coordinator for Academic Integrity.

Brenda R. Quaye, Ph.D., Coordinator for Academic Integrity, joined Miami University in August 2012. She is responsible for providing faculty development and student education around issues of academic integrity as well as maintaining academic integrity records and consulting on policy questions and review. Before joining Miami University, she served as the Director of Academic Integrity at George Mason University and as the Assistant Director of Student Conduct at the University of Maryland. She has extensive knowledge of and experience with academic dishonesty adjudication, policy, and education. Her research focuses on how students understand and make decisions about academic dishonesty.

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