Gone Fish'n: How Bass Fishing Can Enhance Your Classroom Teaching

Original Lilly Conference, 2016 Plenary Presentation

Jay S. Rozema, Theatre, Missouri Valley College

Imagine: Your're out on the lake, on what appears to be a peaceful day of fishing, when it slowly turns into an exercise of frustration. The fish are not biting; your're getting hung in the weeds and losing your bait. Instead of tossing your pole in the water, you stop and think about what you are doing as an angler that is preventing you from catching fish. We will look at how B.A.S.S. professional anglers approach fishing and apply the same problem-solving techniques when our classes begin not to go well. We will pay attention to where to find the fish (students) and their mental state during the year, when adjustments to fishing (teaching) will help catch what you want, and how your attitude will affect your fishing (teaching).

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