Why Do You Ask? Learning About Self and Others

Original Lilly Conference, 2017 Plenary Presentation

Janel Seeley, Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Wyoming

Have you ever had a student ask a question or share an experience that changed the way you think about your work or the subject you teach? How do your students respond when you ask about their thoughts on a subject? How do you respond when a student asks for your thoughts about the subject you teach? What do you think about the idea that students can co-construct new knowledge-with other students and with you? As instructors, we are in a position to learn a great deal about students' thinking, our own thinking, and even our subject matter if we engage with them in ways designed to bring out the best in all of us. This presentation is about three types of teaching and learning and how particular tools of collaborative communication, especially questioning and listening, can enhance the student-teacher and student-student interaction in each type. We will begin with a topical overview in the PechaKucha format, followed by active audience interaction.

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