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Meet the Chair

Marc Rubin, ACCT department chair, headshot

Marc Rubin
PwC Professor and Chair

Considering a career in public accounting, the financial industry, government, the corporate sector, consulting or the non-profit arena? Pursuing a degree in accountancy will help you understand organizations and how information can be a powerful tool to increase efficiency and effectiveness and to drive change.

Our bachelor’s and master’s programs consistently rank in the Top 25 in the nation. That’s one of the reasons we are a target recruiting school for the Big Four and other professional services firms as well as a number of corporations, financial institutions, and government organizations.

Department of Accountancy Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Accountancy is to prepare students to excel as high-integrity business leaders and accounting professionals and to enable faculty members to be outstanding instructors whose scholarship informs their teaching and who positively impact the professional and Miami community.


Student Recruitment

To attract students who have the potential for and interest in becoming business and accounting professionals

Student Development

To provide students with a rigorous, cutting-edge education including state-of-the-art courses and co-curricular experiences that prepare them to be effective, high-integrity business professionals

Student Placement

To place students in challenging and rewarding business careers that will utilize their accounting degree

Student/Faculty Relationship

To foster long-term relationships with students so they continually engage with the department and the university as they progress through their careers

Faculty Recruitment

To attract outstanding, high-integrity faculty members who will excel both in the classroom and as accounting scholars

Faculty Development

To develop faculty members to become outstanding teachers and scholars by providing them the necessary resources and guidance

Faculty Scholarship

To produce scholarly output that relates to the production and uses of accounting information, the accounting profession, and the teaching of accounting

Faculty Service

To have faculty members engage with key stakeholders in order to enhance the profession, academy, university, and community

Bachelor's Degree Program Objectives

The objectives of the bachelor's degree program in accountancy are (1) to provide students with a general understanding of multiple areas of accounting, (2) to provide students the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for graduate business and accounting programs, and (3) to prepare students for entry-level accounting positions that require only an undergraduate degree.

Master's Degree Program Objectives

The objectives of the master's degree program in accountancy are (1) to allow students to obtain a more in-depth understanding of selected areas of accounting and business and (2) to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for entry-level accounting positions that require more than a bachelor's degree.