Educational Experience

Eric Maranich talks with students in his office

The highly ranked Accountancy programs and faculty at Miami prepare students to excel as high integrity, business leaders within fulfilling professional careers.

We prepare our students to become tomorrow’s business leaders by providing the following four pillars of an excellent educational experience:

  • Personalized instruction and guidance from, and collaboration with, world class faculty who are passionate about educating their students and preparing them to be tomorrow’s business leaders
  • A state of the art, innovative curriculum that we continuously enhance to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to excel in an increasingly dynamic environment
  • Numerous extra-curricular learning opportunities that give students a variety of hands on learning experiences to refine and enhance the skills introduced in the classroom and create life-long friendships and connections
  • A highly dedicated and knowledgeable academic and professional advising staff who help students plan their course work and prepare for their post-graduate careers.