Business Capstones

 Dr. Megan Gerhardt talking with student at desk
Student at filled whiteboard during Startup Weekend
 First Year Integrated Core final presentation to Fifth Third executives
 David Marshall talking with student at whiteboard
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Note: The business core is a prerequisite to the business capstone courses.

Business Capstone Offerings
Course Hours Title Special Considerations
ACC 495/595 3 Accounting Analysis ACC 595 is open to MAcc students only. Limited seats in ACC 495.
BLS 465 3 Ethics, Law, & Business -
ECO 405 3 Economics of Strategy Limited seats in ECO 405.
ESP 401 3 Entrepreneurship: New Ventures -
ESP 461 3 Entrepreneurial Consulting -
FIN 485 3 Integrative Concepts in Finance -
IMS 440 4 Interactive Media Studies Practicum Priority given to IMS majors or co-majors; Marketing majors must complete a Marketing Capstone
ISA 495 3 Managing the Intelligent Enterprise -
MGT 495 3 Executive Decision Making Required for Human Capital Management & Leadership and Supply Chain & Operations Management majors
MKT 442 4 Highwire Brand Studio Pre-requisite: MKT 435 or permission of instructor; requires application to enroll; Marketing majors must complete a Marketing Capstone. More MKT 442 information.
MKT 495 4 Strategy Works Marketing majors must complete a Marketing Capstone. MKT 495 is open to Marketing students only.