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This minor, open to all university students, prepares students for a career in marketing or as part of a business decision-making team. The modern global society is placing an increasing emphasis on marketing knowledge and related skills. Global and domestic corporations' manufacturing, distribution, and buying and selling operations significantly shape the standard of living and the global economy. This is true for both for-profit and not-for-profit institutions and supply chains. 

Minor Information

  • 22 credit hours
  • Open to all majors
  • Satisfies the thematic sequence requirement for non-business majors

  • Requires an application due first semester sophomore year.  The MKT Minor application will be available on the MKT Department webpage at the point that registration for Spring semester goes up to 20 credit hours.  The application will be open for one month.  Students will be notified of their acceptance into the minor a month later.  Students who indicate they want to be seated in MKT291 are seated based on course availability and schedule compatibility. Students will be notified of their acceptance into the minor no later than January 12, 2018.
  • Visit the Miami Bulletin for more information

Minor Requirements

Select one of the following:

  • ISA 225
  • STA 261
  • STA 368

Required courses:

  • ECO 201
  • MGT 111
  • MKT 291
  • MKT 325
  • MKT 405

Select one of the following:

  • MKT 412
  • MKT 415
  • MKT 419
  • MKT 425
  • MKT 435
  • MKT 461
  • MKT 490