Dr. Stephanie Danker

Dr. Stephanie Danker

Dr. Stephanie Danker

Stephanie Danker has been collaborating with the Myaamia Center since 2017. Every fall since 2017, students in her ART 395 Art Across the Curriculum course co-create curriculum in coordination with Myaamia Center education staff to educate local elementary students in Oxford and Cincinnati about a few aspects of Myaamia culture, including language, history and art, with an emphasis on contemporary practices. She strives for her students to understand the concept of reciprocity through these lessons, and how to teach about cultural appreciation versus cultural appropriation.

Danker appreciates every opportunity to learn from her mentors at the Myaamia Center, and encourages her students to engage in deeper experiential learning about Myaamia culture. She enjoys taking art education students who have taught the Myaamia lessons to the Winter Gathering in Oklahoma, and encourages them to present about their experiences in professional contexts, including: the National Art Education Association conference, the Ohio Art Education Association conference and Miami University’s Undergraduate Research Forum. Art education students who participate in the Winter Gathering become mentors for upcoming students in ART 395.

Danker is Associate Professor of Art Education, coordinator of the pre-Art Therapy program and Museums & Society minor, Lead Departmental Advisor and Associate Chair for the Department of Art. Danker was invited to become a faculty affiliate with the Myaamia Center in fall of 2021. It is a role she deeply values.


Copies of many of these articles can be obtained by emailing Dr. Danker at dankers@miamioh.edu

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