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How a University and a Tribe Are Teaming Up to Revive a Lost Language, May 9
Baldwin keynote focuses on preserving Myaamia culture keynote-focuses-on-preserving-myaamia-culture/article_3a164c36-2c63-5f36-8935-6f1f3fc930f0.html, Apr. 19
Myaami language revitalized at Miami
National and True Viral, April 16 (subscription may be required)
New products support tribe students; promote university and tribe unity
Yahoo FInance, Dec. 10 and Ohio Ag, Dec. 13
New products support tribe students, promote university and tribe unity
Miami students wear the items from the new Myaamia Heritage Collection.Within a recently signed agreement between the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Miami University, a product line, the Myaamia Heritage Collection, has been created to celebrate the partnership and bolster awareness of its history.
Myaamia Students apply technical education to cultural challenges
Meet Evan Strack, JT Goulding, and Trevor Hayes!
Miami collaborates with Myaamia Tribe to revive history through education
Education, Nov. 29 (subscription may be required)
National Science Foundation Highlights Center's Work, Nov. 28