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Campus Announcements

2020 W-2 Forms are now available

Electronic W-2 forms for the calendar year 2020 are available online via BannerWeb.

Campus Announcements

2020 W-2 Forms are now available

To access the form:

  • Log in to BannerWeb via MyMiami
  • Select Employee Services Online Tab
  • Click on W-2 Year End Earning Statement
  • Select year 2020 from the dropdown list
  • Click on Display button
  • To print W-2 form click on Printable W-2 button at the bottom of the screen

Duo Authentication is required to log into BannerWeb to access W-2 form, please have your Unique ID and password available. Please refer to the IT services website for information about the Duo Authentication.

Addition explanations for the W-2 form are provided on the Human Recourses webpage under Tax Information. Please navigate to the section IRS Forms - W-2.

If you requested a paper copy of the W-2 form via BannerWeb before January 8th 2021, it is going to be mailed on January 29, 2021. Please allow at least five business days for delivery.

Please contact Payroll Services at (513)529-6223 if you have questions.