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Campus Announcements

Employee Wellness Day to focus on resilience, radiance and resourcefulness

How 'R' You, really?

Campus Announcements

Employee Wellness Day to focus on resilience, radiance and resourcefulness


Joyce Odidison, thought leader on interpersonal wellness, will be the keynote speaker.

Join your coworkers in a series of virtual webinars focused on employee well-being, Monday, April 12, as part of Miami University’s Wellness Day.

The webinars scheduled from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. ask the question, “How ‘R’ You?” The morning webinars focus on financial wellness, physical well-being and emotional well-being.  Each webinar features a panel of guest presenters who will lead discussions on these topics.

Moderating these sessions is Rakel Keane of Horan Associates. She works directly with clients to design and implement customized wellness solutions that drive engagement and optimize employee health.

“We all pushed through the difficulties of this pandemic by providing incredible support to our students, our families, and people within our communities,” said Karen Wilson, director of  Miami’s Benefits and Wellness. “It’s time to focus on our personal well-being.”

Joyce Odidison is the keynote speaker. Author and a thought leader on interpersonal wellness competency and mindset teachings, Odidison is the president and CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services, Inc., and founder of the annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

Get ready for a powerful wellness conversation on diversity inclusion and interpersonal resilience as a workplace strategy. She will explore the intricacies of diversity inclusion and interpersonal resilience.

During her lecture, she will lead discussions on the following questions:

  • Can diversity inclusion be used as a workplace wellness strategy in your organization?
  • Does diversity inclusion impact the interpersonal resilience of employees and teams?
  • Is there a connection between diversity, inclusion and interpersonal wellness?
  • What is the implication of diversity and inclusion on mental resilience and productivity?
Details on the schedule of webinar sessions and registration are available onlineRegister now online.