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Through the Lens: Move-In Day, transcript of image captions

Through the Lens: Move-In Day, transcript of image captions

Title page: “Move-In Day” over an image of Shideler Hall with red and white flowers in front and a “Welcome to the family” banner over the entrance.

Row 1:  A student in a Miami University T-shirt and mask poses with a red cart full of belongings in front of Tappan residence hall. Her image is reflected in a mirror in the cart.

Row 2: (Left) A student grabs a suitcase from her car in front of Morris residence hall. (Right) Four people carry items through the foyer of Morris. White columns in the foyer are wrapped with red and white ribbons.

Row 3: (Left) Kandice Jeffries from the Office of Residence Life points the way for a student moving in. Both are wearing a face mask. (Right) Two students smile behind their face masks as they move a large bin of belongings through the foyer of Morris Hall.

Row 4: (Left) A student and her family unload boxes and bags in her new residence hall room. (Right) A sign painted on a white sheet “Welcome to Morris Hall” hangs near the entrance of Morris.

Row 5: Entry of Morris Hall with 2 students. One student carries a bag of golf clubs and the other student with a Miami T-shirt pulls a cart of belongings toward the door.

Row 6: A smiling student carries a large stuffed Grogu (a character from the Mandalorian film) pillow.

Row 7: (Left) Several students and family members carry items from a car towards Morris Hall. A Miami volunteer in red shirt and hat helps direct traffic and families. (Right) A student and her young sister carry items through the archway of the entrance to Morris Hall.

Row 8: (Left) A student unpacks items in her residence hall room. Another student, whose reflection is seen in a mirror, puts pillows on a bed.

Row 9: Miami University President Gregory Crawford and University Ambassador Renate Crawford, with Miami-logo face masks, talk with a student in Morris Hall.

Row 10: A close-up of a hand placing a sticker on a white T-shirt. The sticker has a Miami “M” logo, the words “I got my COVID-19 VACCINE” and a checkmark.