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Miami Media Highlights Jan. 17 to Jan. 23

Miami Media Highlights Jan. 17 to Jan. 23

CBS WKRC Ch. 12, Jan. 23: Headed Back to Class

This news segment reports on the start of the spring semester at Miami University and current COVID protocols in place. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

WGCH AM Radio, Jan. 23: Pet Owners and Sleep Disruption

This radio broadcast discusses pet ownership and sleep disruption. Allen McConnell, professor of Psychology, is quoted. 

University World News, Jan. 22: Can international branch campuses aid national identity?

This article written by Jason Lane, dean of the College of Education, Health and Society, reports on transnational education models aiding in national identity.  

Washington Post, Jan. 22: Drop in college enrollment threatens to cause long-term economic, social consequences

This article reports on the economic impact that declining college enrollment could have on American society. Jason Lane, dean of the College of Education, Health and Society, is quoted. 

EdTech, Jan. 20: Using Data to Improve Student and Faculty Retention in Higher Ed

This article reports on Miami University leveraging data to support student success. 

SeattleMet, Jan. 20: Wunderground Cafe Wants to Make Mushroom Coffee Mainstream

This article reports on the use of medicinal mushrooms in coffee. Nicholas Money, professor of Biology, is quoted. 

Smithsonian Magazine, Jan. 20: The True History Behind HBO’s ‘The Gilded Age’

This essay, written by Kimberly Hamlin, professor of History, describes the true history of the era in which the HBO show, ‘The Gilded Age’ is based on. 

Volt, Jan. 19: Why More Higher Ed Jobs Should Be Remote

This article written by Jaime Hunt, vice president & Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Miami University, reports on the importance of embracing remote work in higher ed. 

NBC WTMJ, Jan. 19: Best Selling Author Discusses ‘The Good Son’

This news segment features Jacquelyn Mitchard, Low-residency MFA mentor in English, as she discusses her new book, ‘The Good Son’. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

BuzzFeed News, Jan. 19: HelloFresh Workers Voted Against Unionizing Despite High Injury Rates, Low Wages, and A COVID Outbreak

This article reports on the labor movement and unionizing. Data collected on unions by Kevin Reuning, assistant professor of Political Science, is mentioned. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

ASBMB Today, Jan. 19: ASBMB endorses bill on student mental heath

This article reports on legislation that would create a commission tasked with studying disabilities, accommodations and services in higher ed. Rick Page, professor of Chemistry and  Biochemistry, is quoted. 

The Columbus Dispatch, Jan. 18: As COVID hurts student mental health, Buckeye Ranch sends clinicians into Columbus schools

This article about student mental health features research produced by Miami University’s Ohio School Wellness Initiative. Kristy Brann, associate professor of Educational Psychology, is quoted. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

Forbes, Jan. 18: Ben Roethlisberger Can’t Beat Time But Goes Out A Champion

This article on Ben Roethlisberger’s career mentions that he played at Miami University. Stories in hundreds of outlets in the past week have made similar mentions, including: The Athletic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, CBS Sports, Akron Beacon Journal, and Yahoo Sports.