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Economic Impact Student Success

Miami University Regionals awarded state funding for technology-focused microcredentials

More Ohioans can earn microcredentials and improve career prospects at no cost

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Economic Impact Student Success

Miami University Regionals awarded state funding for technology-focused microcredentials

Miami University Regionals Microcredentials Program is designed to allow students to “dip their toe” into the higher education pool. Thanks to a new grant from the state of Ohio, more students will be able to take advantage of this refreshing opportunity at no cost to them.

The state’s Individual Microcredential Assistance Program, or IMAP, recently awarded a total of $2.93 million to providers across the state to help Ohioans who are low income, partially unemployed, or totally unemployed participate in a training program, and receive one or more technology-focused credential(s) for free.

According to Janet Hurn, senior director for Miami University Regional’s E-Campus, the awards are a game changer, allowing the program to be accessible to more students who may need a few new skills to advance in their careers.

“This grant will make microcredentials accessible to Ohioans who may not normally be able to get this training,” Hurn said. “We hope to attract new people to Miami who might not consider us for their education needs but will now start on a pathway that might lead to additional microcredentials and degrees that can increase their employability which can provide Ohio companies with additional qualified employees.”

Designed to quickly respond to changing workforce, education, and skill gap development needs, Miami’s Microcredential Program allows students at all stages to obtain market-driven microcredentials in addition to the university’s traditional degrees and certificates. Hurn said there are approximately 50 students enrolled in pathways who together have accumulated more than 1,400 skills.

The award, which was announced in late January by Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted, director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, reimburses the awarding institution up to $3,000 for each completed technology-focused credential issued.

“Students do not have to front the money which is often a barrier to accessing higher education,” Hurn said. “This lowers the financial risk for students and provides a proof of concept for what a microcredential can do for them.”

Individuals interested in pursuing a microcredential as part of this award through Miami can select from the following programs:

  • Advanced manufacturing systems (available in person only)
  • Agile Project Management
  • Data analytics (Business Intelligence, Database Management)
  • SQL Queries (Database Management)

Hurn noted that additional programs – Computer Aided Design, Industrial Robotics and Automation, and Mechatronics – will be available soon.

“IMAP gives individuals the opportunity to earn in-demand, technology skills so they can get higher-paying jobs in a very short amount of time,” Lt. Governor Husted said. “Ohio businesses across all industries need to compete in today’s economy, and this program provides them a pipeline of ready-to-go talent.”