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Miami Media Highlights March 7 to March 13

Miami Media Highlights March 7 to March 13


, March 13: Anna Maria Island now a Monopoly game

Miami University is mentioned for being the first “Opoly” game (Miami Opoly) created by Late for the Sky Production Company.  The company’s founder is a Miami graduate. 

Forbes, March 11: Why Employers Should Seek to Learn About Graduates’ ‘Return on Experience’ After College 

This article, written by Miami University President Gregory Crawford, reports on the importance of students’ ‘return on experience.’ 

Market Brief, March 11: Digital Illiteracy is a Rising Threat. A New Department of Education Program Seeks Solutions

This article reports on the office of educational technology at the U.S. Department of Education launching a new accelerator program focused on digital literacy. Katie Day Good, associate  professor of  Media, Journalism, and Film, is quoted. 

The Storm Lake Times, March 10: SL Residents Profiled in ‘Small Town, Big World, Series’

This article reports on Miami University students partnering with Buena Vista University students to create a series of profiles on Storm Lake residents. Andrew Offenburger, associate professor of History, is quoted. 

I24 News, March 10: Explainer: Holodomor, the 1932-1933 famine in Soviet Ukraine

This article reports on the 1932-33 famine in Soviet Ukraine and the current conflict with Russia. Stephen Norris, professor of Russian history, is quoted. 

Journal-News, March 10: Miami University professor with family in Ukraine hears of grim scenes

This article reports on information Lisa Skyryzhevska, associate dean for Academic Affairs of Miami University Regionals, is receiving about the war from her family and friends in Ukraine. 

Forward Times, March 9: Being A Strong African American Woman in the United States of America is Not Easy

This article reports on the struggles of being an African American woman in the United States and highlights the work of Flonzie Brown Wright, former student affairs scholar-in-residence on the Middletown campus.

Volt, March 9: Inclusive Marketing, Front and Center

This article, written by Jaime Hunt, vice president and chief marketing and communications officer, reports on the institutions that are committed to creating a more inclusive marketing environment.

Journal-News, March 8: Miami University Regionals program allows Hamilton, Middletown high schoolers to earn credits

This article reports on a new Miami University Regionals program, which offers high school students the opportunity to earn both their high school diploma and an associates degree simultaneously. Additional reports on this topic appeared in:

NPR WVXU, March 8: Miami Synchronized Skating wins nationals, senior team going to World Championship

This article reports on the Miami University Synchronized Skating team winning nationals and the senior team advancing to the World Championships. 

Harvard Business Review, March 8: You’re Overlooking a Source of Diversity: Age

This article, written by Megan Gerhardt, Management professor and William Isaac and Michael Oxley Center for Business Leadership co-director and director of leadership development, reports on the benefits of age diversity in teams.

The Conversation, March 8: Canada has long feared the chaos of US politics

This article, written by Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy, associate professor of Global and Intercultural Studies, reports on the differences in Canadian and American politics. Additional reports on this topic appeared in:

CBS News, March 8:  Huge invasive spiders from Asia could spread to much of U.S. East Coast, scientists say

This article reports on the invasive spider species, the joro, which has potential to spread along the majority of the east coast. Ann Rypstra, University Distinguished Professor of Biology and director of the Ecology Research Center, is quoted. Additional reports on this topic appeared in:

Better, March 7: You Said It: How Weekly Pandemic Zoom Calls Reunited a Unique Group of Friends

This article reports on a group of Miami University graduates from the Luxembourg study abroad class of 1966-1967 that were brought together through Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Evolllution, March 7: Seven Keys to University Flourishing in a New Environment

This article, written by Miami University President Gregory Crawford, reports on the seven key concepts that help a university flourish in changing environments.

National Geographic, March 7: Love Wordle? Check out the benefits of playing with your kids.

This article reports on how games meant to be played solo can build surprising life skills when played as a family.  Jeff Wanko, professor of Teacher Education, is quoted. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: