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Miami Media Highlights April 18 to April 24

Miami Media Highlights April 18 to April 24

Cincinnati Parent, April 23: SW Ohio Summer Camps Your Kids Will Love: Miami University E-Campus STEAM Studio

The STEAM Studio summer camp at Miami Regionals is featured in this list of top summer camps for K-12 students. 

Journal-News, April 23: Miami University faculty present ‘Portraits In Contrast’ chamber recital in Hamilton Gallery

This article reports on Miami University faculty members from the College of Creative Arts presenting a chamber recital at the Fitton Center. Aaron Pergram, assistant professor of Music, is quoted. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

The Bharat Express News, April 22: Scientists Fear War in Ukraine will Worsen Wildfires in Siberia

This article reports on the effects that the war in Ukraine could have on global warming. Jessica McCarty, associate professor of Geography, is quoted. Additional reports on this topic appeared in many media outlets, including: 

CMSWire, April 20: The CIO Playbook for Leading Against Uncertainty

This article reports on businesses faced with uncertainty amid the new normal. David Seidl, vice president of Information Technology and CIO, is quoted. 

Columbus Dispatch, April 20: Miami University Legend, former Cleveland Browns linebacker, Bob Babich dies at 74

This article reports on the death of former Miami University football player, Bob Babich. 

NPR Connecticut Public Radio, April 20: Brainwashing: From the Korean War to cults to today

This NPR segment discusses the history and science of brainwashing. Timothy Melley, professor of English, is interviewed.

Education Research, April 19: Making Sense of Models

This article reports on how professors can improve their teaching methods to help students better understand tricky concepts. Research cited in this article was conducted by Ellen Yezierski, professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. 

Scientific American, April 19: Drones Could Spot Crime Scenes from Afar

This article reports on drones being considered as new forensic tools. Mark Krekeler, associate professor of mathematical and physical science is quoted. This article will appear in the May 1 print issue of Scientific American. Additional reports on this topic appeared in:

Yahoo! Life, April 19: Everything You’ve Been Told About Weight May Be Wrong

Assistant Professor of Psychology Jeffrey Hunger is quoted in this story about diets and the misperception that weight and health are always linked. 

Journal-News, April 18: Local colleges, universities spend millions in COVID-19 federal aid

Miami is mentioned in this article that reports on local colleges and universities use of COVID-19 federal aid.