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Campus Announcements

Renew your parking permit for 2022-2023

Permit prices remain the same

Campus Announcements

Renew your parking permit for 2022-2023

Parking permits for 2022-23 school year are now on sale. The prices remain the same as previous years.

  • Red parking permit $125.
  • White permit (parking in the perimeter lots at any time and in the campus core after 6 p.m. and on weekends) no charge.
  • Carpool permits (two drivers) $30.
  • Vanpool permits (three or more drivers) no charge.
  • North Garage permission $300 (plus a red permit).
  • Campus Avenue Garage $150 (plus a red permit).

Full-time employees may have the cost of their permits payroll deducted over the course of the school year, or pay in full with a credit card online.

Graduate Assistant red permits may be purchased online with a credit card at any time, or payroll deducted once the semester starts in August (two deductions of $62.50 each, one is September and one in October).

To purchase your permit:

Please click here to take a brief survey on commuting practices to help Miami’s reach its carbon emissions goals, and purchase your permit.

Did you know that permit holders may request to park briefly outside their buildings when necessary to drop off or pick something up?

  • Just pull up to your building’s service vehicle space or loading dock and send an email to letting us know where you are parked and what car you are driving. We will log you in to our system for 20 minutes. Then if you get a ticket during that 20 minute window, just email us back and say that you were “logged in” and we will gladly waive the ticket. We would expect that you wouldn’t use this more than about four times a year.

If your vehicle does not have a front license plate, please do not back in or pull through a double row of spaces. We need to be able to see your license plate from the drive aisle in order to confirm that you have a permit that allows parking where you are parked.

Parking policies for students are changing this year. If a student asks you “Am I allowed to park here?” please just advise them that they should contact Parking Services. Learn more at Miami’s parking website and read the section on student parking for the latest information.