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Miami Media Highlights Aug. 29 to Sept. 4

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Miami Media Highlights Aug. 29 to Sept. 4

Dayton Daily News, Sept. 1: As inflation hits school supply costs, charities, schools step in to help

This article reports on the rising costs of school supplies. Jonathan Wolff, associate professor of Economics is quoted. 

CIO Dive, Sept. 1: Gen Z in IT: Tech leaders focus on values to support changing work styles, priorities

This article reports on the rise of Gen Z workers in IT and the importance of establishing a company culture that makes employees want to stay. Tyler Gifford, support analyst II and alumnus is quoted.  

PCTOnline, Sept. 1: Climate Change Means More Mice in Canada

This article reports on the growing population of white-footed mice in Canada and the Great Lakes regions of the United States due to warmer temperatures caused by climate change. Susan Hoffman, associate professor of Biology, is quoted. 

WVXU, Aug. 30: Student Loan Forgiveness (Part 1)

This radio broadcast program reports on President Joe Biden’s new student loan forgiveness program and features expert commentary from Brent Shock, vice president of Enrollment Management and Student Success, and Peter Nencka, assistant professor of Economics.

(Part 2) (Part 3)

Vision Times, Aug. 29: Russia Burning Off Massive Amounts of Natural Gas Believed to Originally Be Destined for Germany

This article reports on the large amounts of natural gas that is being emitted. Jessica McCarty, associate professor of Geography, is quoted.