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Excellence and Expertise

Headline Highlights: Miami and Miamians in the news in February

Our editors' picks for February provide a snapshot of recent news media coverage.

Excellence and Expertise

Headline Highlights: Miami and Miamians in the news in February

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Health Thoroughfare, Feb. 26: Video Games Are Great for Your Mental Health – Can They Replace Therapy?

Glenn Platt, the C. Michael Armstrong Professor of Network Technology and Management, is quoted in this article about growing evidence that shows playing commercial video games can help reduce anxiety and even depression.

NPR WOSU-89.7, Feb. 23: The role of Black history in Ohio

Tammy Brown, associate professor of History, is featured in this broadcast on Ohio’s Black history and the role it has played in shaping the nation.

Local 12, Feb. 20: Many parents embracing new technique to help in children’s long-term development

Kimberly Moore, dean of students, is interviewed in this segment about conscious parenting to set kids up for long-term success, and she gives her five top strategies for ‘present parenting.’

Yahoo News, Feb. 17: Miami University unveils $10.7 million Innovation College@Elm business incubator

This article is about the Lee and Rosemary Fisher Innovation College@Elm building and its unveiling by officials from Miami University, the city of Oxford, and JobsOhio Vibrant Community on Feb. 16. Miami University President Gregory Crawford is quoted. 

The Columbus Dispatch, Feb. 14: Some Ohio universities celebrate married alumni couples each Valentine’s Day

This article reports on the traditions of some Ohio universities around Valentine’s Day, including Miami Mergers. Kim Tavares, executive director of the Miami University Alumni Association, is quoted. (Note: Paywall; subscription required)  

Local 12, Feb. 9: Local researchers use rats to study gambling addiction therapy

Jason Osborne, professor of Statistics, and Matthew McMurray, assistant professor of Psychology, are quoted in this story about gambling addiction, which mentions their research affiliation with Miami’s Institute for Responsible Gaming, Lotteries, and Sports.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, Feb. 8: Ron DeSantis and the Specter of Lynne Cheney

Steven Conn, W.E. Smith Professor of History, authored this article on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his announced banning of a new AP course on African American studies. 

Ideastream Public Media, Feb 8: 'No one else has a commitment like this': The two Miamis on their unique partnership

Members of the Miami University community visited the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and participated in ceremonies and the gathering of both cultures during the Tribe’s annual Winter Gathering. 

San Francisco Examiner, Feb. 6: 'The Martin Luther King of music' is getting a new day in the sun

This article reports on the history of music and its relation to Black History Month. Tammy Kernodle, University Distinguished Professor of Music, is quoted. 

Washington Post, Feb. 3: Femicide is up. American history says that’s not surprising

Kimberly Hamlin, the James and Beth Lewis Professor of History, wrote this Perspective article about how reversing the rising tide of femicide requires understanding its deep roots in the United States.