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Excellence and Expertise

Headline Highlights: July

Our editors' picks for July provide a snapshot of recent news media coverage

Excellence and Expertise

Headline Highlights: July

ABC News Nightline, July 25: Adult Autism:  How a Late Diagnosis Offers Some Sense of Clarity and Understanding

  • This broadcast news story on ABC Nightline features an interview with Chelsia Potts, assistant dean for undergraduate education. Potts shares her personal story of an adult ADHD diagnosis and her daughter's diagnosis of autism.

BISNOW, July 21: CrowdStreet Investors, Facing Total Wipeout, Question Platform's Role In Alleged Fraud

  • This article details the rise and fall of CrowdStreet, a group funding project, and quotes Zhiyong Yang, professor and chair of Marketing.

Forbes, July 19: How to Spot Five-Star Hires

  • This article, written by Miami President Gregory Crawford, details how to spot the best talent during the interview process.

CNN, July 16: When hope becomes a four-letter word: What’s missing from today’s TV shows that deal with race

  • This article explores Black sitcoms of the 1970s and what important messages are missing from today's programming. Rodney Coates, professor of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, is quoted.

U.S. News & World Report, July 12: 12 Unique College Traditions

  • Miami University appears in this list of 12 colleges with unique campus traditions. Miami is noted for its Tri-Delt Sundial tradition that ensures acing an exam.

Inside Higher Ed, July 11: ‘Metaversities’ Face Virtual Learning’s Financial Realities

  • This article explores the current and future use of metaverse learning at universities, along with financial implications for the software. Glenn Platt, the C. Michael Armstrong Chair in Emerging Technology, is quoted in the article.

Consumer Affairs, July 10: Counterfeiters are waiting for you during Prime Day

  • This article served as a warning of potential scams and counterfeiters ahead of Amazon Prime Day. Henry Jin, associate professor of Management, is quoted.

Fortune, July 8: How a 24-year-old saved enough money to buy a $250,000 house by living in a tiny home her parents built for her in their backyard

  • This article on ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units) cites two Miami Architecture professors as advocates. This was pulled from an article written by Jeff Kruth and Murali Paranandi published in The Conversation