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Miami Media Highlights Sept. 11-17

Miami Media Highlights Sept. 11-17

SALON, Sept. 16: Recent evidence suggests prehistoric women were hunters, too. Who said they weren't? Men, of course
This article on the prehistoric roles of women quotes Kimberly Hamlin, the James and Beth Lewis Professor of History.

People Magazine, Sept. 16: College Student Gets Assigned Same Dorm Room Where Her Mom Lived 33 Years Ago: 'We Both Screamed'
This article features a Miami University mother and daughter, Laura and Sarah Bowling, who were assigned to the same residence hall (Emerson Hall) 33 years apart.

TRADELINE, Sept. 15: Miami University Dedicates Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness Building
This article announces the opening of the Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness building at Miami.

USA Today, Sept. 14: Schools spend billions on training so every student can succeed. They don’t know if it works
This article addresses how schools are addressing biases and racism. The article quotes Andrew Matschiner, a visiting assistant professor in Educational Leadership, on the subject of utilizing professional development for staff to combat these issues.  

The Conversation, Sept. 14: The complex chemistry behind America’s spirit – how bourbon gets its distinctive taste and color
This article written by Michael Crowder, professor of Chemistry and dean of the Graduate School, explains the chemistry involved in making bourbon as well as the rules and guidelines that differentiate bourbon from whiskey.

The Conversation, Sept. 13: Why China’s real estate crisis should make the global travel industry nervous
This article by Zhiyong Yang, professor of Marketing, explains how China’s real estate crisis is negatively impacting the world tourism industry.

Wall Street Journal, Sept. 12: ‘Feedback’ Is Now Too Harsh. The New Word Is Feedforward
This article about feedback and performance reviews quotes Megan Gerhardt, professor of Management.