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Miami Media Highlights Oct. 30-Nov. 5

Miami Media Highlights Oct. 30-Nov. 5

CBS - WKRC, Local12, Ch. 12, Nov. 5: Miami, Zoo Celebrate 20 Years of Project Dragonfly
Kevin Matteson, associate director of Miami’s Project Dragonfly, joins Mollie O’Neil of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens to highlight their collaborative work over the past 20 years.

Spectrum News 1, Ch. 24, Nov. 4: Ginkgo tree gives students lesson in design
Terry Welker, visiting assistant professor of Architecture, shares how he and his students are awaiting the upcoming leaf drop of the campus ginkgo trees and invite others to join them in celebrating the “here and now” of fall foliage.

NBC - WLWT, Ch. 5, Nov. 3: Fact-checking Ohio Issue 1 ads as Election Day nears
This broadcast news story features Anne Whitesell, assistant professor of Political Science, as she details all that is involved in Ohio Issue 1 ahead of the Nov. 7 election.

Journal-News, Nov. 3: Archdeacon: A cornerstone of women’s college sports set to retire
This column reflects on the 40-year coaching career of Carolyn Condit of the Miami volleyball program. 

Wall Street Journal, Nov. 2: UAW’s Six-Week Strike Was Barely a Speed Bump for Jeep’s Hometown
Bradley Sommer, adjunct professor of History, is quoted in this article regarding how the United Auto Workers strike affects Toledo today as compared to how it would have been affected in the 1970s with a larger population employed by the automaker. 

Journal-News, Nov. 2:Miami University professor paralyzed in 40-foot fall still an athlete, completes full marathon
This article highlights Yoshi Tomoyasu, associate professor of Biology, and his recovery from a devastating spinal injury.  

The Conversation, Nov. 1: Rupert Murdoch's empire was built on a shrewd understanding of how media and power work
This article written by Bruce Drushel, professor and chair of Media, Journalism, and Film, highlights the empire built by Rupert Murdoch and its effect on the media landscape. 

Small Market Meetings, Nov. 1: The Marcum at Miami U
Paula Green, senior director for conference and event services at the Marcum Conference Center, is quoted in this story detailing the “boutique hospitality and ample meeting space” provided by the facility. 

The Conversation, Oct. 31: From India and Taiwan to Tibet, the living assist the dead in their passage
This article written by Liz Wilson, professor of Comparative Religion, highlights death rituals of South Asian religions. 

Cincinnati Business Courier, Oct. 31: Grainger Foundation gifts $1M to Miami University's Farmer School, Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship
The Grainger Foundation made a $1 million gift to Miami that will be turned into $2,175,000 with matching grants by the Farmer Family Foundation. These funds will be earmarked to provide tuition and room and board for up to 10 Grainger Scholars each year. A story on this topic also appeared on CBS – WKRC Local 12. 

The Washington Post, OpEd, Oct. 30: The best middle and high school program no one knows about
This article features first-year Miami student Olivia Freeman and her participation in the History Day program during her high school career.