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Student Success

Journey to Miami one of dedication

Unique blend of interests leads to Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology

Student Success

Journey to Miami one of dedication

Gavin Osterday

The name is Osterday. Gavin Osterday. Although he may not have a 007 after his name, Osterday did come from Russia with love (and honor). Born in Novokutznek, Siberia, a city of about 700,000 people, into Siberia, just above the southern border of Russia, where Khazakstan, Mongolia, and China converge. He spent the first several months living in a beautiful, clean orphanage before being adopted by Dr. Bryan and Dr. Karina Osterday and moving to Anderson Township, a suburb east of Cincinnati. 

Osterday will graduate from Miami University on May 18 with his Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology. He graduated in December 2023 with a bachelor’s degree majoring in Emerging Technology in Business and Design with a minor in Communications Design.

Osterday’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. “He always harbored a deep desire to be an artist, a passion that was evident from an early age,” Bryan Osterday said. “Simultaneously, he developed a strong affinity for computers.

“This unique blend of interests led him to pursue a major in Emerging Technology in Business and Design and a minor in Communication Design (graphic design), a combination that seemed to fit him perfectly. His Master's in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology further enhanced his business acumen, a testament to his drive and dedication.”

Tradition runs deep at Miami, and it is present with Osterday, as many relatives have attended before him. His father graduated from Miami in 1994 and then attended dental school. “I chose Miami for a myriad of reasons. First and foremost was the academics. Miami places a very high number of students in postgraduate professional programs. I went to Ohio State for dental school after graduation. In fact, 10% of our dental school class were Miami alums,” the senior Osterday said. 

Gavin Osterday was recruited as a junior in high school to Miami as a diver on the swim team. Upon deciding where to attend, he felt very comfortable with Miami. “He loved the campus size/look/feel, proximity to home, academic reputation, and the city of Oxford, “ Bryan Osterday’ said. “I might have nudged and helped to sway his choice, however. It was an easy decision for him.” Gavin Osterday added, “I always wanted to attend Miami. I knew the learning opportunities and experience I would receive would be a great return on investment for a college education.” With a smile, he adds, “This was the right place for me, and my dad might have had some influence on my decision.” 

When asked what he would miss most about life at Miami following commencement, Osterday said, “The beautiful atmosphere, genuine connections between students and professors, and hanging out with my friends.”

Most graduates have at least one professor or mentor who is instrumental in their success. For Osterday, that person was Artie Kuhn, the director of the Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology program. “Artie Kuhn has been the most influential professor for me,” Osterday said. “He introduced me to my passion for UX/UI design, was always available to help me when I was struggling, and was one of the best professors to go to for advice outside of class material.”

Osterday is on the job search and feels strongly that Miami has prepared him for the future. “I feel that Miami has over-prepared me for my future in a communicative and educational way. They have helped me build many soft and hard skills I can use as I continue to grow and establish a well-rounded life,” he said. 

As a student, Osterday worked with a team of classmates to develop a new website for the United States Air Force Museum Foundation. Upon initial meetings, it was determined that the foundation had two goals: to attract a broader audience and differentiate it from the museum. “We met with the clients every two weeks to review progress and prototypes,” Osterday said. “This opportunity allowed us to work in the real business environment utilizing coding, design, and project management skills.”

As Osterday turns his tassel at commencement, he will officially be ‘from Russia with Love and Honor‘ as he becomes an official Miami alumnus and begins a new chapter in his life.