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Miami Media Highlights June 3-9

Miami Media Highlights June 3-9

Journal-News, June 8:  Miami U., Wright-Patt partnership means advanced microscope gift for students
The Air Force Research Laboratory, or AFRL, recently signed an Educational Partnership Agreement with Miami University to donate an ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope, or UHV STM, to the Corbett Research Group led by Joseph Perry Corbett, an assistant professor of Physics.

The Marietta Times, June 8: 20 brave men celebrated by monument
This article tells the history behind a monument located in Marietta, Ohio, paying respect to 20 students from Muskingum College and Miami University who volunteered in the Ambulance Corps during World War I.

The Cincinnati Herald, June 7:  Miami University hosts 185th commencement
This story features a recap of the 185th commencement of Miami University held on May 18.

NPR-WVXU, Ch. 91.7, June 7: Alums of trailblazing Western College for Women to gather one last time
Jacky Johnson, university archivist, is included in this story highlighting the history of Western College for Women ahead of the Western College Alumnae Association’s campus reunion. Johnson also appeared on NPR-WVXU as part of a panel discussion the legacy of Freedom Summer.

KCBS, Ch. 740 AM, June 7:  A vast majority of public school districts in this country have nonpartisan school board elections, but that could be changing
Kathleen Knight Abowitz, professor of Educational Leadership, discusses the politicization of school boards and the negative impact this can have on the education system.  

The Conversation, June 7: Records of Pompeii’s survivors have been found – and archaeologists are starting to understand how they rebuilt their lives
Steven Tuck, professor of History, writes on his research into the survivors of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. Tuck shares how the survivors acclimated into new communities with the support of the Roman Empire government.

Dayton Daily News, June 5: No periods in text messages? Generations work to understand how each communicates
This article highlights the work of Megan Gerhardt, professor of Management and Leadership, and the concept of Gentelligence, which provides insight on how to effectively communicate across generations.

WalletHub, June 4: Best States for Racial Equality in Education (2024)
Rodney Coates, professor of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, is a featured expert providing guidance on how to promote equality in education.

Forbes, June 3: Why Favorite Things Matter: Digging Deeper In Job Interviews
Miami President Gregory Crawford highlights how to move past cliche interview questions by asking the candidate about their favorite things. This approach reveals insight into the virtues and inspiration of the candidate.