Safety Bulletins

The Safety Bulletin is provided to give students, faculty and staff timely notification about certain crimes in and around our community that may present a threat to the campus community and to heighten safety awareness. In general, criminal suspects are unknown to victims. However, in the instance of a violent crime occurring between two individuals who know each other, University Police will look at each instance to determine if the suspect poses a continued threat to the campus community and issue a bulletin where necessary. The Safety Bulletin also seeks information that may lead to the arrest and conviction of the offender when violent crimes against persons or major crimes against property have been reported to the police.

Members of the community who know of a crime or other serious incident should report that incident as soon as possible to the Police Department so that a Safety Bulletin can be issued, if warranted. The intent of Safety Bulletins is to alert the campus community of continuing threats especially concerning safety, thereby enabling community members to protect themselves.

If community members report crimes or serious incidents to other University Administrators, those administrators will notify the Police Department. Representatives will promptly notify and collaborate with the Police Department to issue a Safety Bulletin, if appropriate.

The Miami University Police Department works in conjunction with the Dean of Students and the Director of University News and Communications to issue Safety Bulletins in a timely manner to notify community members about certain crimes in and around our community. Together they determine whether or not a criminal offense meets the established criteria and merits the issuance of a Safety Bulletin.

In addition to containing details of the crime and a description of the suspect, they also contain crime prevention tips, information on who to contact about the case, date and time the bulletin was released, and other relevant and important information.

You can submit anonymous information about any of these crimes following the instructions listed on the left column of this page.

View the most recent Safety Bulletins. Older Safety Bulletins can be requested from the MU Police Department.