Annual Performance Evaluation

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Classified Staff


Each member of the classified service is to be evaluated at least once per fiscal year. Either the “Miami University Employee Performance Report” or your department’s specific performance appraisal will be completed by the supervisor. Copies of the standard form may be obtained at the Department of Human Resources, Room 15, Roudebush Hall, or online at Human Resources.

You and your supervisor discuss and set goals and improvement objectives for the coming year. The other portion of the annual performance evaluation is a narrative about your performance. The annual performance evaluation will be discussed with you, and returned to you for your comment and signature. The annual performance evaluation is used as a document in determining eligibility for merit wage increases. Your completed annual performance evaluation is available online. If an employee refuses to sign the annual performance evaluation, the department will note that the employee refused to sign and forward the annual performance evaluation to Human Resources. Questions regarding annual performance evaluation should be directed to the Department of Human Resources, Room 15, Roudebush Hall, 529-3131.

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