Regional Campus Maps

Explore our interactive campus maps! 

New to campus, just visiting or need help finding an accessible entrance? Navigate your way around all of our campuses with our interactive map.

Just select your campus and then click through the options to find your desired destination along with additional information such as pictures, and descriptions for further information. 

Questions? Comments? You can use the red "Feedback" button in the upper-right corner of the map or submit your feedback here.

How to Use the Map


Get Directions

To get driving or walking directions to any destination on the map, select the location and then click on the diamond icon in the header of the info window.

Share Location


You can share any view of the map by clicking on the share icon at any time located in the header of the info window.

Print Map

Printing from the interactive map

Select the campus from the drop down labeled "Campuses" that you are wanting to print and then in the upper-right corner of the map, click the print icon and then "Generate Print Map." Once the column titled "Generate Print Map" appears to the left, choose your printing options and click the red "Generate print map" button.

Once your map has been generated, a copy of the chosen file type will automatically download to your computer.

Map links on mobile view

Using the Mobile Version

When using the map on a mobile device, this icon allows you to see other links on the map! To show additional information on the location, swipe up or click the caret that appears above the name at the bottom of the screen.