Faculty and Staff Parking

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Regional campus parking regulations will be enforced by regional campus Security officers. All fees and fines collected will be credited to the campus issuing the citation. Regional campus parking disputes will be reviewed by the regional parking appeals committee, which will consist of seven (7) regional faculty, staff and students who will meet monthly during the academic year and as needed during the summer.

To appeal a citation or penalty you must complete and submit the  Parking Ticket Appeals Form. All decisions of the Parking Appeals Board are final. (See Miami University Policy Library regarding Parking)

Options for Regional Faculty and Staff Parking on the Oxford Campus

Regional campus faculty and staff may register for a regional campus parking hang tag free of charge, or purchase an Oxford hang tag in the Cashier's office, which allows for parking on all Miami campuses. Regional faculty and staff who frequently travel to Oxford may also:

  • Purchase a red parking permit from Oxford for the current rate as approved in the miscellaneous fee ordinance by the Board of Trustees;

  • Request a white parking permit at no cost that will permit parking in regional faculty/staff parking areas as well as designated Oxford locations, which currently include Ditmer, West Millett and the Culinary Support Center parking lots;

  • Ride the Butler County Regional Transportation Authority (B.C.R.T.A.) system at no cost. Just show the bus driver your Miami ID card to ride for free. Weekday bus service is available between the Oxford, Hamilton and Middletown campuses;

  • Reserve a campus car, if available;

  • Pay to park in one of the Oxford parking garages. No permit is required, but the hourly or daily parking rates apply.

Oxford-issued faculty/staff (red) permits allow for parking on regional campus lots designated for faculty/staff.

The regional campuses will have several two-hour metered parking spaces for university guests, library patrons and special event guests which will not require parking permits.

Because public events take place frequently on the Hamilton and Middletown campuses, we recognize the need to accommodate our friends and neighbors. Please note that if you are hosting an event on campus between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, you will need to make arrangements with Security to pick up temporary day passes for your guests or to provide Security with a list of license plate numbers. Security will make note of those vehicles.

The MUH Security Office can be reached at 513-785-3222; MUM's at 513-727-3333.