Interested in Research? Wish to get involved?

A student in a lab with a white coat and purple gloves on looking at samples in test tubes.

Many faculty members in the Department of Biological Sciences (BSC) have active research programs that involve undergraduate students who earn credit for their efforts in the lab. Please contact 513-727-3447 if you are interested. 

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B.S. in Applied Biology

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Looking for a major to prepare you for an in-demand career in Environmental Biology, Health Sciences and more? Check out Miami Regionals' newest degree: Bachelor of Science with a major in Applied Biology

Basket Weaving

Students sitting at a table working on weaving their baskets

Yes, Basket weaving does take place in college! Students in Dr. Carolyn Keiffer's BIO 205 Dendrology course learn about wood fibers by weaving baskets. Dr. Susan Marine made the kits and taught the students how to weave.