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We offer a major in Applied Biology with two thematic concentrations in Environmental Biology and Human Biology & Health Sciences that students are able to complete entirely on Miami's Regional campuses. We offer a range of courses that support Oxford based majors including, Biology, Botany, Microbiology, and Zoology. Our courses teach transferable skills that prepare students for career opportunities and professional advancement in a variety of sectors.

Bachelor's in Applied Biology and Master of Athletic Training

For students interested in a career in athletic training, we offer two pathways combining our Bachelor's in Applied Biology and Master of Athletic Training.

Direct Admission

The direct admission pathway allows new incoming students to be accepted to both the Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology and the Master of Athletic Training program sequentially.

Combined Program

Our combined program allows highly qualified students to simultaneously pursue both a Bachelor's and Master's degree.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for the Applied Biology major include:

  1. Acquire and apply foundational knowledge, concepts, and theories in biology;
  2. Collect, synthesize, and critically evaluate information in order to suggest solutions to environmental and human health-related problems;
  3. Acquire a broad range of tools that can be applied in research and in the workplace to solve biological problems;
  4. Earn professional certifications in order to increase employment prospects

Support for Oxford-based Majors and Minors

We support many Oxford-based majors, minors, and thematic sequences. Although you can't fully complete these at the Regionals, you can take advantage of the flexibility, convenience, and affordability of our many course offerings.


  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Microbiology
  • Zoology


  • Horticulture
  • Molecular Biology
  • Plant Biology
  • Plant Biotechnology

Thematic Sequences

  • BIO 1 Conservation and the Environment
  • BIO 2 Molecular Processes: From Cells to Whole Plants
  • BIO 3 Plant Ecology
  • BIO 4 Plant Structure and Development
  • BIO 5 Concepts in Physiology
  • BIO 6 Animal Diversity
  • MBI 1 Biomedical Science
  • MBI 2 Molecular Genetics

How do I get started?

Choose one of the options to start on your pathway to success!

Department of Biological Sciences

Hamilton Campus, Mosler Hall 560
Middletown Campus, Levey Hall 112