Current Students

Developing Your SEO

The Statement of Educational Objectives (SEO) is a professional document created by each Integrative Studies student in their BIS 201 seminar. The SEO is composed of two important parts: course selection and rationale. The course select portion identifies the program of study the student has selected (i.e., concentrations, specific classes), while the rationale provides a written explanation of the student's personal and professional goals, and how those goals align with the program of study. In BIS 201, students are introduced to the SEO development process and, with the help of their instructor, develop and submit their SEO for review by the SEO Petition and Review Committee (SPRC). This committee reviews student SEOs at a monthly meeting and determines if the SEO should be accepted or returned for revision. The goal of the SPRC is to ensure that IS students are developing academically rigorous programs of study, selecting concentrations and courses that will benefit them personally and professionally, and to check that the program of study will meet Miami University graduation requirements.

Overlap rules

IS students have significant freedom when designing their SEO to fit their personal and professional goals. While no two SEOs are exactly the same, the Department of Integrative Studies does have several rules that apply to all students. These overlap rules are designed to ensure that students are meeting university graduation requirements and selecting courses from multiple disciplines. These overlap rules include:

  • No specific course can overlap between Concentration I, Concentration II, or the Miami Plan Thematic Sequence
  • Students may have one (1) departmental overlap between Concentration I and Concentration II. This overlap may not be the same course.
  • Students may have one (1) departmental overlap between a single concentration and the Miami Plan Thematic Sequence. This overlap may not be the same course.