Faculty and Staff

Miami University's Justice and Community Studies program currently has eight full-time faculty, who teach, advise students, assist in community outreach programs, and conduct research. In addition, the program has several part-time faculty members who hold no less than a master’s degree and have extensive experience in their respective fields.

Instructor Steve Bailey

Steven Bailey

Dr. Theresa Conover

Theresa Conover
Associate Professor

Dr. John Forren

John Forren
Associate Professor

Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall

Erik Niehaus

Erik Niehaus
Visiting Assistant Professor

Instructor Steve Schuchart

Steve Schuchart
Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Susan Spellman

Susan Spellman
Interim Chair and Professor

Dr. Jessica Warner

Jessica Warner
Assistant Professor

Amy Depew

Amy DePew
Administrative Assistant

Part-time Faculty

Miami M - photo placeholder

Jeff Asher
Juvenile Justice

Miami M - photo placeholder

Gary Becker

Miami Block M - place holder

Susan Cohen

Instructor Rob Fischer

Hon. Robert Fischer

Seth Hagaman

Seth Hagaman
Special Agent

Instructor John McCandless

John McCandless
Miami University Police

Melinda Muller

Melinda Muller
Community Development

Adolfo Olivias

Adolfo Olivas

Instructor Susan Vaughn

Susan Vaughn
Ethics & Student Conflict Resolution

Affiliated Faculty

Instructor Jill Gomez

Jill Gomez
Spanish & Portuguese

Dr. Kelli Johnson

Kelli Johnson

Dr. Susan Marine

Susan Marine

Dr. Janet Marshall

Janet Marshall

Professor Liza Skryhevska

Liza Skryhevska

Sarah Woiteshek Pietzuch

Sarah Woiteshek
Miami Hamilton Civic Engagement