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Life doesn't stop when college starts. Many of our current students are working professionals that need to fit classes into their busy work and family schedules. To provide you with greater flexibility in course scheduling, the Department of Justice and Community Studies offers classes in both the traditional classroom and online formats. The following are the online courses that are currently offered.


CJS 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Offers an overview of America's criminal justice system, with an emphasis on the development, functions, and current issues/problems facing the current criminal justice system. Courses specifically focuses on the history, roles, and present state of the police, courts, and corrections. IIC.

CJS 125: Law and the Courts

Provides a critical examination of the American judicial system and legal processes. Focuses on the contextual meaning of law and justice to society and will encourage critical thinking from political, sociological, historical, and philosophical perspectives.

CJS 211: Law Enforcement

Provides students with an in-depth analysis of America’s system of law enforcement. Policing course which covers: eras of law enforcement, law enforcement styles and patrols, entering and working in the police subculture, police ethics/civil liability, and the future of American law enforcement.

CJS 271: Criminal Behavior

Focuses on theories of criminal behavior and activity. Provides criminal justice students with a micro level, law enforcement approach to criminal behavior. Students will be expected to learn and apply criminological theory, criminal typologies, and appropriate agency responses.

CJS 281: Corrections

Focuses on the historical perspectives of corrections in America, institutional corrections, and the demographics of correctional clients. Provides an overview of correctional law, ethical and moral dilemmas and key issues in corrections.