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A group of students working together at a table.
 Students in PSY 251, Introduction to Biopsychology, recently participated in sheep brain and cow eye dissection labs.
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 Students on a laptop doing research.
 A professor talking with a student one-on-one during class time.

Why I Chose My Major

Tanya, Junior

I chose this major...

"to have an opportunity to gain the education and knowledge about Psychology and the education of social science research. I would like to one day be a Mental Health Psychiatrist, and be able to understand the mental processing of it all, and how to do social research correctly and ethically."

Psychological Science

4 students sitting around a table during class talking to each other

The B.A. in Psychological Science is a popular and highly employable major that prepares students for careers in Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Counseling, Biopsychology, and many related fields.

Interested in Teaching?

A professor standing in front of the classroom speaking to the students.

The SBS Department is looking for adjuncts to teach psychology, if you are interested please contact Dr. Beth Dietz at 513-727-3254 or email

Psychology Club

Miami Regionals Psych Club Logo

The Miami Regionals Psychological Science Club (affectionately known as "Psych Club") provides a forum in which students with an interest in Psychological and other Social Sciences can interact with others who have similar interests. Learn more by visiting our Facebook page.

Student Experience

Brianna Stoll in graduation gown

Research and statistics weren't exactly her cup of tea, but once Brianna Stoll stepped outside her comfort zone, she discovered a new world of opportunities by working in the Autism Research Lab. Through her work as a research assistant, she gained significant experience, won prestigious awards, and established a professional network. 

Career Services and Professional Development

Careers, Coops, and Internships -- Student with instructor

Career Services & Professional Development offers services to you from your first day on campus until your last. No matter what your year in school, it is important to have the right tools and knowledge to help you make the most of your Miami experience as you move from College to Career.