About CLAAS Divisional Honors Program

A student sitting in class taking notes.
Recent Honors Program graduate Blake Dunbar at commencement.
 A student working in the science lab with a pipet.

The CLAAS Divisional Honors Program embraces Miami Regional's mission to empower minds and strengthen communities and is built upon two main pillars: 1) a strong commitment to academic excellence, and 2) a focus on developing community and civic leadership.

It offers students an opportunity to join a close community of students and faculty dedicated to exploring big ideas and important questions, engaging in hands-on learning, and enhancing their college experience by supporting their intellectual, academic, and professional growth and development.

By participating in the program, students develop their skills in four key areas: research and information literacy; critical thinking; intellectual integration; and community and civic leadership. Students also have access to unique and creative opportunities to work side-by-side with our best professors on cutting-edge research, travel to the far reaches of the globe to put theory into practice, and develop projects that create and contribute new knowledge to their communities.