Frequently Asked Questions

This list of commonly asked questions for the Tutoring and Learning Center.

How do I prepare for a tutoring appointment?

  • Know what you want to cover. Bring pertinent texts, notes, assignments and--most of all--your questions. The more specific your purpose, the more on target a tutor can be. Tutors can help you practice certain types of problems, but are not allowed to give you the answers to specific homework questions.
  • Attend all class sessions. Your notes from class are the best resource on course content and determining exactly how your instructor is prioritizing the information.
  • Complete all assigned reading prior to the tutoring appointment. This will give you the necessary foundation to talk about the material with your tutor.
  • Attempt the homework questions or assignment before you meet with your tutor. This will help you identify the specific areas you need help with.
  • Create a plan for how you want to spend the time in your tutoring session. If you take control of the session format you will likely receive the assistance you want more quickly than if your tutor sets the agenda.
  • Schedule your next appointment at the end of each session. Regular review is the key to understanding course information.

What kind of support can I expect from my peer tutor?

Your peer tutor can help with the following:

  • Make Sense: We can help you ’get’ the parts you don’t understand. 
  • Offer explanation: We can help figure out where learning breaks down. 
  • Identify trouble spots: We can help you recognize the difficult areas, learn “work-arounds" and conquer bad habits. 
  • Offer encouragement: We will help you develop your own individualized learning strategies, and reinforce positive habits that you already have.
  • Give you our best: We’ll consistently give you our very best effort and sincerely encourage you to do the same. Please understand that we won’t “know everything.”

How do I cancel my appointment?

You should cancel appointments at least 4 hours in advance by accessing the online scheduling system or calling 513-785-3139.

What happens if I am late?

If a student is more than fifteen (15) minutes late, the tutor is not obligated to hold the appointment and the appointment will be marked as a “no show.”

What is a “no show?”

Failure to attend or cancel an appointment at least 4 hours in advance will result in a “no show” being recorded in the scheduling system. After the second “no show” is recorded, students will no longer be able to schedule appointments through the student scheduler. In order to schedule again, they will have to call the office or come to the TLC in person to explain the reasons that they neglected to show up and consult with office staff about the next step forward.