Writing Resources

Writing Resources. A female student sitting in the tutoring and learning center with her laptop open writing on a piece of paper

General Guidelines and Suggestions

MLA Style: General Info

MLA First Page & Formatting

APA Style: General Info

Revision and Proofreading

Optimizing Sources

Rhetoric: The Basics

Thesis Development

Effective Introductions

Effective Conclusions

Paragraphing, CEA, and Transitions


Misused Words & Expressions

Avoiding Formulaic/Weak Writing

Active vs. Passive Voice

Economical Writing: Practical Suggestions

Punctuation and "The Rules"

Five Sentence Structure Issues

Comma Rules

Dashes and Parentheses

Semi-colons and Colons

Abbreviation Rules

Capitalization Rules

Hyphenated Words/Expressions


Altering Sources: Ellipsis and Brackets