Lauren Burlile

Lauren Burlile

Senior Assistant Director of Transfer Pathways & Partnerships
Phone: 513-727-3409


  • West Chester, Ohio


  • I attended a university out-of-state, transferred home, and began attending Miami Regionals where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Integrative Studies. Through the encouragement of my colleagues and friends at Miami Regionals, I later earned my Master's Degree in Transformative Education while working at the Regionals. 

Favorite thing about Miami Regionals

  • My favorite thing about Miami Regionals is that we serve a diverse range of students! You may be a straight 'A' student who has been admitted to several respected colleges and universities but you made the smart choice to attend Miami Regionals and earn your degree with less debt. Or, you could be a first generation student who values the support and encouragement from a small campus. You could be a first year student hoping to enjoy all aspects of campus life like athletics, clubs or study abroad, or you could be a transfer student who is looking for the flexibility of online courses and the ability to utilize previous credit to graduate quickly. Whyever you chose Miami Regionals, you're a part of the Miami family. 

Interesting Facts

  • I've worked at Miami Regionals since 2014.
  • A goal of mine had always been to learn how to ride a motorcycle, I completed the basic riders course and earned my license in 2018.
  • I have a very strange irrational fear called submechanophobia.