Boldly Creative

Miami goes Boldly Creative

Investing in the Future

Miami University is investing $50 million in a new generation of academic excellence, enhancing its nationally recognized undergraduate teaching, learning and research with a sharpened focus on innovation and creativity.

Called Boldly Creative, the multiyear initiative emphasizes data, analytics and programs that span traditional disciplines, creating engaged citizens and workplace leaders who will help expand the Ohio economy.

Miami faculty are generating the ideas for investment, all aimed at sustaining Miami's premier undergraduate experience and creating new partnerships with industry and government.


We will unleash creativity and innovation to equip our students with the skills they need to solve the biggest challenges in our state, nation and world. These programs will also enhance the undergraduate experience that has defined Miami for generations, allowing us to continue to attract top students and faculty to Miami.

– Miami University President Gregory P. Crawford

Faculty collaborations across Miami University created the first round of Boldly Creative proposals. The faculty teams looked into the future, collaborated with internal colleagues and external reviewers and proposed new or enhanced academic programs that will grow Miami’s enrollment, prepare students for workforce leadership and strengthen Miami’s contributions to our communities.

Funded First-Year Initiatives

Nearly $5 million is committed to these initiatives in the first round of a $50 million Boldly Creative university commitment.

Professor and chair John Bailer reviewing a data presentation given by two female students

Analytics and Data Program Evolution

Miami is responding to the explosive growth of data-related needs by coordinating high-end capabilities in analytics and data science at several academic levels and embedding core training in analytics within Miami’s liberal arts experience.

A robotic arm draws shapes on paper with a red marker

Engineering Programs in the new Industrial Landscape

Miami will equip graduates and industry professionals with robotics skills they need to thrive in the technological transformation known as Industry 4.0.

An african american female nursing student learns on a new human facimile tool

Expanding Miami's Health Care Programs

Miami will become a reliable source of providers, innovators and experts for the expanding health care sector, providing significant career opportunities for students, as well as training and technical support for health care providers.

A Miami student presenting a project proposal to a company that partnered with Miami

Business Skills for Non-Business Majors

The M.S. in Business Management will provide business skills and expertise for non-business graduates, giving those students a platform for career success and strengthening Miami’s core of graduate academic excellence.

A student intern learns from an employee of the company

Microcredentials to Advance Careers

Miami University will provide a series of microcredentials (focused, less formal academic attainments) that are milestones of achievement for students from all career stages on the way to a certificate or full degree.

A computer and software engineering student works on a machine

Center for Cybersecurity

Faculty will study the feasibility of an interdisciplinary cybersecurity center to educate all levels of professionals for an industry with a projected 1.8 million jobs gap by 2022.

Esports students strategize while sitting at their computers with their games paused

Developing an Esports Curriculum

With Miami already established in competitive collegiate esports, a multibillion-dollar industry, this proposal seeks to build and support the first major esports curriculum in the country.