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Miami Writing Institute

Rethink what it means to be a good writer with this thought-provoking course created by Miami's nationally known Howe Center for Writing Excellence (HCWE) and offered through Miami Professional Education. One look through this window, and you'll see writing in a whole new light.

Quick Facts


12 month period

2-3 hrs/week

Time commitment


Start and finish anytime


Zero costs to participants

Debunk Common Writing Myths

You will explore four common myths about writing through questions like: What does it mean to write? Who is a writer? How do we define good writing? Along the way, you'll gain practical strategies to become a more effective communicator in the contexts that matter to you.

A colorful, mid-century themed graphic overviewing the myths of the Miami Writing Institute, including: Myth 1: Writing Is Just Words and Rhetoric is Empty Speech, Myth 2: Good Writing is Just Good Writing, Myth 3: Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words Will Never Hurt Me, and Myth 4: Writing is Solitary and Some People are Just Born Good Writers.

Experience a New View of Writing

Learn from Miami faculty, working professionals, and Miami alumni through interactive activities and design. Analyze your own professional writing, and challenge your understanding of what writing is and how it works.

Elevate Your View

Step up to a completely new approach that goes beyond the mechanics of writing. Learn why good writing is more than correct, error-free, clear, or concise writing. The Howe Center for Writing Excellence faculty and staff will guide you through a journey that debunks common misconceptions about writing.

Get Curious

Each myth includes a variety of highly engaging elements designed to spark your curiosity. This course encourages you to get curious and explore the content, from visualizations and interactive content to case studies and side quests. Throughout, you'll hear from Miami faculty, Miami alumni, and working professionals.

Grow Professionally

Whether you're just starting your career or are a seasoned professional, this course will meet you where you are. You'll learn how to harness the concepts of rhetoric to communicate your ideas, expertise, and point-of-view more powerfully. This knowledge applies to every position in every field and aspect of life — from writing a text to developing a business proposal.

Claim Your Exclusive Rewards

All participants who complete the Miami Writing Institute will be able to download a beautiful set of Rhetorical Action Cards to help you apply the principles you've learned in your daily life.

A mockup of a set of flashcards that describe principles from the Miami Writing Institute

Begin Your Journey Toward a New View on Writing

Continue learning about writing and engage with practice that helps you become a better writer.

Howe Center for Writing Excellence

The mission of the HCWE is to ensure that Miami supports its students in developing as effective writers in college, and fully prepares all of its graduates to excel as clear, concise, and persuasive writers in their careers, communities, and personal lives.

2022 Writing Program Certificate of Excellence


2022 Exemplary Enduring WAC Program

2022 Exemplary Enduring WAC Program Award