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Boldly Creative Projects

$20 million of a $50 million Boldly Creative university commitment has been committed to these projects:

  • Analytics and Data Science Program Evolution
    Miami is responding to the explosive growth of data-related needs by coordinating high-end capabilities in analytics and data science at several academic levels and embedding core training in analytics within Miami’s liberal arts experience.
  • Business Skills for Non-Business Majors
    The M.S. in Management provides business skills and expertise for non-business graduates, giving those students a platform for career success and strengthening Miami’s core of graduate academic excellence.
  • Center for Cybersecurity
    Faculty are collaborating to develop an interdisciplinary cybersecurity center to educate all levels of professionals for an industry with a projected jobs gap of over a million in the future.
  • Realign Engineering Programs for the new Industrial Landscape
    Miami will equip graduates and industry professionals with robotics skills they need to thrive in the technological transformation known as Industry 4.0.
  • Developing an Esports Curriculum
    With Miami already established in competitive collegiate esports, a multibillion-dollar industry, this project is building and supporting the first major esports curriculum in the country.
  • Expanding Miami's Health Care Programs
    Miami will become a reliable source of providers, innovators and experts for the expanding health care sector, providing significant career opportunities for students, as well as training and technical support for health care providers.
  • Microcredentials to Advance Careers
    Miami University will provide a series of microcredentials and professional education opportunities (focused, less formal academic attainments) that are milestones of achievement for students from all career stages on the way to a certificate or full degree.
  • Enhanced eLearning to Create Miami Online
    Enhancing the educational excellence that has distinguished Miami for a generation, Miami Online will feature a flexible format that fits the lives of Miami’s residential students and working professionals seeking postgraduate credentials - at an affordable price.
  • Developing Digital Innovation at Miami
    Seeking to prepare the next generation of technology entrepreneurs, Miami will feature professional master's and graduate certificate programs focusing on emerging technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Preparing Engineers for Health-Related Careers
    Miami will advance health care education by creating a unique transdisciplinary academic program designed for careers in the clinical environment with insight into industry, hospital, and societal needs in this rapidly evolving field.
  • Developing Leaders for Today and Tomorrow
    Miami will tap into a growing area of higher education with an online degree that attracts both traditional students and adult learners and prepares them to lead in their careers and civic lives.
  • Professional Geospatial Certificate
    Miami’s new online professional geospatial technologies certificate will use existing strengths in geography and expand exposure to a high-demand career option.
  • Special Education Online Master's Program
    By creating an online master’s program for special education, Miami will create and strengthen partnerships with K-12 schools and meet the growing demand for interventional specialists.
  • Empirical Economics and Strategy Master's Program
    Miami will capitalize on the strong brand for its graduate economics program to prepare students in health policy, big data, and finance with the skills they need to compete and thrive in today’s marketplace.
  • Increase Master's Programs within the Farmer School of Business
    Miami will create high-quality online programs that will be competitive in the marketplace, drawing more students and providing career enhancement options for working professionals in a variety of industries.
  • Center for KICKGLASS Change
    The Center for KICKGLASS Change will provide diversity programming to current students, faculty, and staff in the Farmer School of Business and across Miami University and offer executive education credentials to external audiences.
  • Study Away and Abroad Programs "For the Greater Good"
    This new faculty development program aims to create a set of study abroad programs that will strengthen students’ understanding of diversity, enhance their ability to address grand interdisciplinary challenges, and enable a greater diversity of students to participate in global learning.
  • Feedback Loops for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    To ensure that we are meeting the needs of all students, Miami will develop an ongoing assessment project that features focus groups for undergraduate students led by trained facilitators. Reports will be used to assess Miami’s diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Explore Miami's Lived Experiences Through Stories
    Miami will use a storytelling approach to explore our history through archival research and interviews and develop a digital website that serves as a public repository of Miami’s rich and diverse history.
  • Advancing an Equity-Minded Integrated Model of Student Success
    To create a pioneering diverse student success infrastructure that supports long-term cultural change and entails rethinking, coordinating, and leveraging Miami’s values, financial and human resources, policies, technology, and decision-making to ensure reflection on, attention to, and on-going examination of student needs.

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