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It's Not Just Television Anymore:
A Public Broadcasting Perspective

September 26 • 6pm

Who's watching -- What you're watching -- How you're watching -- And who is watching you

David Fogarty, President of CET, Cincinnati and ThinkTV, Dayton and Jim Wiener, the stations' Chief Programming Executive, take a look at television yesterday and today: Where we've been and where we're going.

Ongoing research by the A.C. Nielsen Company and others is revealing how television viewing is rapidly changing – and so is the technology we're using as media consumers. As viewers watch, the "eyes of the industry" are watching them with sophisticated analytics creating a new marketplace for data. What are they learning?

Public Broadcasting is also responding to the new media landscape. See what's in store for the new programming season and beyond.

Appalachia, International
October 17 • 6pm
(Was originally scheduled for Oct. 10.)

The Appalachian Mountain range has been an international zone for more than four hundred years. It continues to be a place where people from many nations live and work. This program reviews some of the international diversity that endears many of us to this beautiful region. Presented by Miami Regionals History faculty member Dr. Marsha Robinson. Co-sponsored with Miami Regionals Appalachian Studies.

Film Screening & Speaker: America's Diplomats
November 9 • 6pm – 8pm

From Ben Franklin to Benghazi, America's Diplomats will take us inside the Foreign Service and behind the scenes of U.S. Foreign Policy. Discover the role our diplomats play in shaping American history. Uncover the origins of our Foreign Service, and the danger American diplomats face far from home. A guest speaker from the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council will be on hand after the screening to share their first hand experiences.

History of Local Radio
December 11 • 6pm

Featuring John Kiesewetter from WVXU-FM TV. More details to come.